LB-102 Air Covering - Puntalama Makinası

LB-102 Air Covering - Puntalama Makinası

Piyasada FADIS marak puntalama makinasına eş değer özelliktedir.

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This machine is used to air cover spandex/Lycra and Polyester yarn, Nylon yarn, Polypropylene yarn air covering.

This machine use Inverter to slow start. Stable performance, Easy operation, Individual control, set length stop.

When the yarn is full on the Bobbin or yarn broken, the spindle will stop automatically.

It’s a small investment and high production equipment.

The final products suit for the seamless underwear, Socks, Glove and so on. Each Spindle  Features: Each Spindle with Air Jet, Oiling System, Yarn Sensor Device, Tensioner